What weapon do you prefer in Minecraft?

23 01 2012

I’m done with this blog….

28 07 2011

So. I’m sure you guys have seen my 2 “I’m back” posts.
Sadly, I’m done with this blog. But not Club Penguin. I will get on regularly, But I’ve been into other games lately.
Such as the amazing game called
So I bet all of you guys are wondering,
Well let me explain.
Minecraft is one of the best games out there.
You can do ANYTHING in it! Make a statue of an IPod!
Build Big Ben! (the clock in England)
Make a scale model of your house!
Like I said, ANYTHING!
Build machine guns firing arrows!
Build a cannon!
Whatever you want!
That’s the goal.
Not a goal like, destroy the evil bosses, do a mission in 2 minutes to unlock a new sword, nothing like that. You may be thinking, “No real goal? No official achievement? How do you play such a game?” Basically, here’s something to sum it up for you.
Build anything, become anything.
It’s that simple! And just the fact that it’s so simple makes it so fun! Honestly, I HIGHLY reccomend this game! You can play single player, or multiplayer!
Did I mention you can battle monsters?
Whose only goal is to kill you?
Yep. There’s that too.
So go check out my bro’s blog, doofsworld. To find it, go to google.com, and search doofsworld.
I do all the art there, as well as the tags, some of the posting, and soon, videos! So get Minecraft soon at http://www.minecraft.net
Before it goes to full price!
Also, my name in minecraft is SirBaconator. If you see me sometime, tell me!
To find me, when you get minecraft, log in on the Minecraft icon on your computer, click Multiplayer, then type one of these addresses in.

0cool.org:25565 .


If you’re lucky you might find me! I go on one of these daily.
Just copy and paste one of the addresses into the multiplayer bar.
Hope to see you soon!
For more info visit



I’m back for good!!

3 01 2011

Hey guys I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I got an Ipod Touch for Christmas and I got a WordPress app so I’ll post at least once a day now! See ya! ~Beebeesan~

I’m back!

17 10 2010

Hey guys! You know I haven’t posted in a long time, but now I’m finally back in action! I’ll be posting often again, and I hope you’ll enjoy!


Events in June!

1 06 2010

hey guys! June is here, and there’s going to be even more new things for agents, and a TON of stuff for those who like the sea!

Here’s a smeak peek!


Looks cool! What do you think they are? (Although I’m sure the second one is a microchip)

Like the CP Team says,

Waddle On!


Midieval Party!

9 05 2010

Hey guys! The Midieval Party’s on, and it’s pretty awesome! Here’s a pic : Picture 2.jpg Pretty cool huh?

Also, the two Knight ‘s  Quests are members only. That Stinks.

See ya!


Earth Day!

24 04 2010

Hey guys Earth Day was just yesterday and the mine shack addition is pretty cool! Here are some pics!

Here is all the items to search for!

The coffe mug is in the Coffee Shop.

The Poffle O Box is in the Pet Shop.

The barrel is at the Cove.

The Hot Sauce is at the Dojo Courtyard.

The Java bag is in the Book Room.

The newspaper is in the Forest.

The pizza box is in the Ski Village.

The big drum with water in it is at the Mine Shack.

Here’s what you win when you find them all!

Hope this helped!